Stomach weight loss exercises

abdominal exercises

In the human body, the main fat "deposits" are concentrated in the subcutaneous tissue and in the abdominal cavity and its wall, ie in the abdomen. In the normal state, in an adult, fat accumulates due to an increase in the size of existing fat cells (adipocytes). cells, the process of their reproduction begins, which leads to a multiple increase in the number of fat cells. They begin to accumulate, including between the organs of the abdominal cavity (visceral fat), as well as in the lower and upper body. At the same time, the layer of fat on the abdomenthickness of 10, 15 or even 20 cm (for comparison: in walruses and seals, the thickness of subcutaneous fat is 5-10 cm. ) Will abdominal weight loss exercises help to "shake off" excess fat?

Effective exercises for losing weight belly

In principle, exercises for rapid weight loss belly - without a system of proper balanced diet - will not give the desired effect. Because adipose tissue is not just a "storehouse" of excess weight. It actively maintains its presence in the body with the specially produced peptide hormone leptin, which performs the function of "control and revision" in the energy metabolism system.

But not everything is so hopeless. Triglycerides are synthesized in adipose cells, which are mainly composed of adipose tissue. When triglycerides are broken down, the body receives energy, and the more energy is expended, the more triglycerides are broken down. That is, weight loss exercises in the abdomen are a very intensified physical activity, in which there is an increase in fat consumption. The main thing is that the morning exercises for weight loss in the abdomen are not accompanied by breakfasts, lunches and dinners, which by their caloric content would exceed the energy spent on their performance. . .

Therefore, home exercises for weight loss on the stomach, according to experts in the field of weight loss, must be done at least three times a week. From the beginning of classes, each exercise is performed 8-10 times, and after a person gets involved in this work, all exercises for losing weight on the stomach at home must be performed at least 20-25 times.

The standard set of exercises for weight loss in the abdomen includes performing exercises in different positions - standing, sitting and lying down. The following exercises are performed in a supine position:

  • Lying on your back, legs and arms straight, arms outstretched along the body. Without pulling your shoulders forward as you inhale, lift your back off the floor, raise your straight arms along your legs, sit up, and lean forward, trying to reach your toes with your hands. On the exhale, slowly return to the original position.
  • Lying on your back, your legs are bent at the knees, while your feet are almost shoulder-width apart. The hands are wrapped behind the head, the fingers are "locked", the elbows are on the side. Inhale - the head, shoulders and shoulders bounce off the floor (the chin should not be pressed against the chest), the abdominal muscles tense. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Exhale - take a supine position again.
  • Lying on your back, legs and arms straight, arms outstretched along the body. The straight legs on the inhale are raised by 30 degrees in relation to the flat floor, this position is held for five seconds, the starting position is taken at the exit.
  • The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. As you inhale, bend your knees and perform a movement that simulates cycling (30 seconds three times, with breaks of 5 seconds).
  • Lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, straight arms outstretched along the body. As you inhale, lift your pelvis off the floor (with emphasis on the scapular region of the back) so that the abdomen is in line with the knees. The position is maintained for 5-10 seconds and the starting position is slowly taken at the exit.
  • Lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, arms behind his head, elbows to the side. Inhale - the elbow of the left hand is extended towards the right knee. Exhale - starting position. Inhale - the elbow of the right hand extends to the left knee. Exhale - starting position.

Stomach weight loss exercises while standing

Simple but effective standing exercises for losing weight belly are traditional squats and bends.

  • Stand up straight, legs together, arms at waist. Keeping your back and shoulders as straight as possible, squat without lifting your heel off the floor. The lower the squat, the more the abdominal muscles tense during the extension. If you have difficulty, you can perform this exercise by holding your hand, for example, on the back of a chair.
  • Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at waist or behind head. Inhale - bend forward, exhale - straighten, inhale - bend back, exhale - straighten.
  • Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, raise your arms up. Inhale (at the expense of 1-2-3) - spring tilt forward with the toes touching the feet or floor. At number up to 4 (exhale) - take the starting position.
  • Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at waist. Tighten your abdominal muscles tightly, then (without holding your breath) relax your muscles. The exercise is repeated 10-15 times.

Stomach weight loss exercises while sitting

When doing weight loss exercises while sitting, you need to make sure your back and shoulders stay straight. This increases the load on the abdominal muscles.

  • Sit on the floor, legs straight, arms lightly laid back in support. Keep your legs straight together, lift them off the floor and with both feet "draw" circles in the air - three times to the left and the same amount to the right. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times with short breaks.
  • Sit on the floor, legs outstretched, arms outstretched forward. Alternately lifting your buttocks and tensing your abdominal muscles, move back and forth (one meter). Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.
  • Sit on the floor, legs straight, arms lightly laid back in support. Keep your legs straight together, leaning back slightly and alternately lifting them off the floor. The exercise is repeated in three series of 10 times.

Abdominal weight loss exercises for men

All the above exercises for weight loss on the abdomen, men can do with the same success as women, but the number of repetitions should be increased (up to 20-25 times). But exercises with increased load:

  • Lie on the floor, legs straight, arms outstretched along the body. As you inhale, lift your straight legs up (don’t lift your head and shoulders! ) And hold them in that position for 10 seconds. On the exhale - take the original position. As you exercise, the time to keep your legs raised should be gradually increased.
  • Sit on the floor, legs straight, arms lightly laid back in support. Keep your legs straight together; Leaning back slightly, lift your legs off the floor, bend your knees and press on your chest. Then straighten your legs and lower them to the floor.
  • The starting position is similar to the previous exercise, but the legs are lifted, bent and pressed to the chest alternately - right and left separately.

Abdominal weight loss exercises for men include the active use of a horizontal bar. The simplest of these is this one: hang yourself on your straight arms, and then, as you inhale, bend your knees and slowly straighten them, lifting them parallel to the floor (or ground). On the exhale - slowly return to the starting position.

Bodyflex exercises to lose weight belly

A popular complex of breathing exercises for weight loss belly is bodyflex, which was developed more than 20 years ago by the American Greer Childers.

Bodyflex abdominal weight loss exercises are believed to aim to "saturate the body with oxygen, " which is achieved by temporarily holding your breath. In this case, breathing exercises are combined with isotonic and isometric exercises, or static and strong muscle tension without moving the parts of the body involved in the exercise.

Breathing exercises for weight loss belly bodyflex method

According to the bodyflex technique, you first need to exhale all the air from the lungs - through the mouth, making the lips a "tube". Then inhale quickly, intensely through the nose (the breath should be noisy) - to fill the lungs to the end. head, you must exhale all the air with all your strength - but this time through your mouth wide open. But now you should hold your breath completely, tilt your head to your chest and retract your stomach as much as possible (8-10 seconds) . The last step is to relax your abdominal musclesand inhale normally. All bodyflex abdominal weight loss exercises are performed precisely in the phase of holding the breath (and retracting the abdomen).

Starting position: kneel, bend down and lean on the floor with palms straight. The back is straight, the head raised. A breathing exercise is performed (as described above) and while holding your breath and pulling in your abdomen, you need to tilt your head and bend your back as much as possible. This pose is held for 8-10 seconds. This is followed by exhalation and relaxation of the back and abdomen. The exercise is repeated three times at intervals of 15-20 seconds.

Here is another exercise, for which you need to lie on your back, spread your legs slightly less than shoulder width and bend them at the knees (feet are completely on the floor), arms outstretched along the body. Then perform a breathing exercise (as described above) and retract the abdomen. When holding your breath, you should: raise your arms up and tear your head off the floor (throwing it back), shoulders and back, raise them as much as possible; return to the supine position and, touching the nape of the neck to the floor, repeat the movement. After the second lift, gently return to the original position and inhale, relaxing the abdomen. This exercise is repeated three times at half-minute intervals.

Finally, a weight loss exercise in the lower abdomen. Lie on your back on the floor, legs together, arms bent at the elbows (palms down) under the buttocks. After the breathing exercise is completed - with holding the breath and the abdomen retracted - the straight legs are slightly raised above the floor (the toes are stretched, the head and shoulders remain motionless) and rapid wide swings are performed with "scissors" changing the position of the legs (above or below the others). . The movements are done in eight to ten points. The legs are lowered and the breath is taken. Repetition - 3-4 times with breaks of 20 seconds.

Despite the fact that most breathing exercises, including breathing exercises for weight loss on the abdomen, are beneficial, the bodyflex system is believed to be potentially unsafe because holding your breath leads to high blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

There is another system of breathing exercises (again combined with physical activity) to reduce fat deposits on the hips and abdomen - oxysize. True, you don’t have to hold your breath here. In general, oxysize is a modified version of the American body flex, supplemented by abdominal breathing. There is nothing new here, because diaphragmatic breathing (eastern, lower or abdominal) has long been practiced by yoga that has special pranayama techniques.

Yoga exercises for weight loss stomach

Abdominal breathing is used both to increase the oxygen supply to the bloodstream and to strengthen the muscles in the lower abdomen. Here is the swadhisthana chakra, which in Ayurveda is considered responsible for human immunity and general vitality.

The most accessible technique of performing yoga breathing exercises for weight loss belly looks like this: you need to put one palm on the chest and the other on the abdomen, take a deep breath through the nose, inflating the abdomen so that the palm rises (along with the abdominal wall). In this case, the palm resting on the chest must remain motionless. Exhalation is also done through the nose, and should be longer and quieter than inhalation. When you exhale, the abdominal wall should be "pressed" against the spine, as a result of which the palm on the abdomen is lowered to its original position.

And now let’s dwell on the simplest yoga exercises for weight loss on the abdomen.

Bhujangasaga - Cobra pose

Lie on the floor on your stomach, legs straight, knees and feet pressed together, toes outstretched; arms bent at the elbows, lying on his chest, palms forward. As you inhale - emphasize your palms, slowly and gradually raise your body to the height of your arms straightened in the support. In this case, the back is bent, the sternum is pulled forward and up, the shoulders are pulled back and down, the elbows are pressed against the lateral surfaces of the chest, and the head is tilted back. Tighten the pose for half a minute (holding your breath for 5 seconds), then bend your arms at the elbows and as you exhale, slowly lower yourself to the starting position. Repeat the exercise three times.

Ardha Navasana - the pose of the crescent

Sit on the floor, knees bent, arms down along your chest. Round the back, press the lower lumbar part firmly to the floor, the shoulders and the rest of the back remain in weight. Then straighten your legs and raise them 25-30 cm above the floor. Stretch your arms towards your feet. The legs, abdomen and lower back are tense, breathing even. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.

Dhanurasana - posture of inclination

An effective exercise for weight loss in the lower abdomen, as well as for strengthening the spine (reminiscent of the "frog" exercise known from childhood).

Lie on the floor on your stomach, bend your legs at the knees, lift them and grab your ankles with your hands. As you inhale, bend your back and lift both legs, pulling them with your hands toward your back. Hold your breath for 5 seconds as you exhale, release your arms and gently lower your legs to the floor. The number of repetitions of the asana is three to four times.

Halasana - plow pose (simplified version)

Lie on your back - head against the wall (at a distance of about half a meter), legs straight, arms outstretched along the body. As you inhale, lift your straight legs up, bend your arms, and place your hands on your hips, holding your body. On the exhale - throw your straight legs behind your head, touch the wall with your feet. Stay in the asana for 10 seconds, breathe deeply. On the exhale - bend slowly, when your back is firmly on the floor - lower your legs slightly. This weight loss yoga exercise is useful for performing fat deposits not only on the abdomen but also on the hips.

The body is a "burden" that a person constantly "carries" with them. And it takes effort and perseverance to ease this burden. Only they will help you to systematically perform weight loss exercises in the abdomen and thus get rid of excess weight.