Drinking diet

To lose weight effectively and get a slim body, you can apply a lot of different diets. We suggest using a drinking diet as an option for quick weight loss. The best time of year to use is during the summer. They want to eat less in the heat, but they drink many times more fluids than in winter.

What is a drinking diet?

Man is 80% water. Of course, this indicator primarily depends on the age of the person. Water consumption is important for everyone, without exception. Water has many useful properties:

The essence of a diet drink for weight loss
  • dissolves almost all substances that enter the body;
  • serves as a channel for all nutrients;
  • dissolves salts, removing their excess in the urine;
  • maintains water balance at the cellular level;
  • maintains optimal body temperature by evaporating excess heat;
  • dilutes stool with fluid.

The drinking diet aims to increase fluid intake. This can be achieved by replacing solid foods with liquid foods. The less a person eats and drinks more water, the faster the body cleanses. This allows you to normalize metabolism, remove all harmful substances from the body and improve the condition of the skin. As a result, the person loses weight. His body becomes lighter and slender.

What is a drinking diet

Drinking diet, according to nutritionists, is strict adherence to fluid intake. The diet lasts 30 days. During this time the person sheds 15 to 18 kg. In addition, the body goes through complete detoxification and cleansing.

The diet should only be used with the permission of a specialist. The fact is that a monthly liquid diet can not only help cope with obesity and cleanse the body of toxins, but also lead to side effects. Only a doctor can determine the body’s ability to withstand such a serious load.

The diet can last 7 days, 14 days, but the most effective diet is 30 days. For those who are losing weight this way for the first time, they should start with a shorter period, after which it will be clear if the person can endure.

Maintain a proper diet

In order not to violate the rules of the diet, you should follow some principles:

rules of adherence to a diet drink for weight loss
  • The composition of the diet should be filled only with nutritious food. Food should not contain synthetic additives, GMOs, trans fats and even additives.
  • Up to 5 liters of fluid, including liquid food ingredients, can be ingested daily.
  • The amount of liquid in the form of liquid food should not exceed 2 liters.
  • In addition to 2 liters of food, you should also drink clean water. It should be in the diet of at least 2 liters.
  • Do not chew while eating, as this can lead to a strong feeling of hunger. That's why you need to make food as liquid as possible.
  • Chewing gum is forbidden while drinking.
  • The planned amount of food per day is divided into 5-6 portions.
  • Light exercise should be done during the diet. You can run or swim in the pool.
  • The chair should be regular. If delays occur, you need to drink a laxative or put an enema, otherwise poisons and poisons will poison the body.
  • In addition to drinking, you should take vitamin and mineral complexes.

Due to the fact that the diet is unbalanced, it cannot be adhered to for more than 30 days.

What you can drink on a drinking diet

The following list of liquid foods can be eaten on a drinking diet:

  • clean drinking water without gas;
  • dairy and fermented milk products with low fat content (not more than 2, 5%);
  • soups based on vegetables, mushrooms, lean meat, poultry, fish, offal;
  • fresh berry and vegetable juices;
  • jelly and fruit drinks made from fresh berries;
  • compotes;
  • natural teas.

No alcohol during the diet. You can't drink coffee, you can't drink pickle juice.

Diet for 7 days

The first day of the week the diet should consist of dairy or fermented dairy products. It can be kefir, fermented baked milk, sourdough or flavored natural yogurt.

approximate diet menu for 7 days

Soups are allowed on the second day. They should be based on ground ingredients, puree or creamy. You can make vegetable, lean meat and fish soups. Pasta, potatoes, cheese and dairy products should not be added to soups.

On the third day, they drink compotes and freshly squeezed juices. On the fourth day, it is common to use jellies without added sugar, on the fifth day they repeat the diet on the third day, adding a decoction based on dried fruit.

On the sixth day, drink 3 liters of oat or cereal jelly. And the last day is a day for drinking as is the first day of the diet. Only at the end of the day do you still need to use a soft baking sheet.

Diet 14 days

A 14-day diet is equal to a weekly liquid diet. The only difference is that the period of exposure and consumption of food only in liquid form lasts twice as long. Accordingly, the effect of such a diet is better.

Help!On the eighth day, the child must use vitamin-mineral complexes. This will make up for the lack of nutrients and help the body cope with the stress of lack of solid foods.

Diet 30 days

The first week of weight loss on a monthly diet is designed to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. After 20 days, the kidneys and liver are cleansed. At the end of the diet, cleansing occurs already at the cellular level.

Sample menu for a 30-day diet:

  1. Breakfast:220 ml. low-fat yogurt.
  2. Breakfast before lunch:220 ml. freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.
  3. Lunch:Vegetable soup and cups of strong natural tea based on green leaves.
  4. Snack:Kissel based on berries or fruits.
  5. Dinner:220 ml. low-fat kefir.

In addition to such a long-term diet, additional vitamin preparations are necessary. In this case, you must carefully monitor your health and, with the slightest discomfort, consult a doctor. Experts will send you for tests that will show which substances the body needs to supplement.

Note!Doctors do not recommend switching to such a long diet on your own. Before that, you need to be examined for the existence of serious diseases. And as you progress through the stages of drinking diet, you need to monitor your well-being and visit a specialist.

Nutrition Tips

Nutritionists recommend paying attention to the period of entry and exit from the diet. Three days before the start, you should limit your intake of high-calorie foods, alcohol and fatty meats. You should also stop smoking.

When you eliminate a diet, either 7, 14 or 30 days, the following rules should be followed:

how to lose weight by drinking diet
  • In the first two days, meals should be taken with liquid cereals.
  • For the first 2 weeks, only liquid meals should be taken for dinner.
  • Eggs and omelets based on them can be introduced only from the second week.
  • You should reduce your salt and sugar intake in your diet for the first month.
  • Fresh salads and grated fruit can be eaten from the second week.
  • Only after 14 days of withdrawal from the drinking diet can meat and seafood dishes be cooked.

Nutritionists also advise that you regularly observe one fast a week. Also, people are recommended fasting days before entering the diet. Starvation a few weeks before a long diet provides an opportunity to get to know the needs of the body. Also, at this stage, it becomes clear whether the person will be able to withstand a serious load and go through the diet stably and without health problems.

The following people should not starve in liquid food:

  • with kidney problems, kidney failure;
  • suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers, polyps, gastritis;
  • who are allergic to fresh foods like fruits and berries.

Some people want to lose weight in the shortest possible time, while not depriving their body of all necessary elements. An entire weight loss program has been compiled for these people, designed for 7, 14 or 30 days. Each period has its own rules and recommendations. It is better not to resort to a diet that drinks, without consulting a doctor. It is advisable to undergo a study of the condition of the body in advance and pass all the necessary tests.